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Machine Gun Kelly was involved in a fight with Sean Strickland, which prompted Strickland to refer to him as a ‘weirdo.’
A video surfaced of Strickland confronting MGK, and Strickland is ready to take on MGK, but many fans are wondering what led to the fight.

Sean said in the video, “I don’t know who the f**k that guy is. I’m easy to find, vampire man.”
He continued online, “I almost hit a vampire tonight… lol! They said his name is machine gun kelly.. How do you have a dope ass name and dress like a 13 goth south park character?!?”
He added, “You guys what the f**k is going on………. Transformers Megan Fox is with that thing….. what the actual f**k has happened to the world?! What did I miss? Is she OK? Is this man the devil? @meganfox
are you ok? Do you need assistance?!”
Strickland continued, “Someone said ‘Be careful MGK doesn’t like when you make fun of Megan’ What does that even mean? Do I need to glue wood chips in hollow points? Do I need to carry a crossbow? Buy a
wooden stake? Is this how I become the new blade?!?!”
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