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Women's Rights Advocates, Elected Officials Protest Outside Of Trump Tower

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On Tuesday, Stormy Daniels gave testimony during Donald Trump’s hush money trial that likely made spectators cringe, snicker, blush and throw up in their mouths a little, and I kept coming back to a thought I’ve had since 2015, when Trump was running his first presidential campaign: Obama could never have gotten away with this. No Black man likely could have. It’s interesting that all the things that Black men are stereotyped about–being predatory with white women, lying, cheating and being totally untrustworthy with finances–Trump actually is!  And MAGAs who hate Black men love it.

But before I get into that, first here’s a list of things Daniels had to say about Trump. From MSNBC:

  • Daniels was only 27 and Trump was “old, if not older than [my] dad” (who was then 60 years old), when she and Trump had their sexual encounter in 2006.
  • When she arrived at Trump’s hotel suite ostensibly just to have dinner (which was his invitation), he was waiting for her in satin pajamas.
  • Trump told her not to worry about Melania (his wife) because “we don’t even sleep in the same room.”
  • Trump told Daniels that she “reminded him of his daughter”: “smart and blonde; beautiful and people underestimate her as well.”
  • Daniels spanked Trump with a rolled-up magazine.
  • Trump asked Daniels if she had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases within a very short period of meeting her.
  • When Daniels came out of the bathroom, Trump was waiting for her on the bed, wearing only a T-shirt and boxer shorts.

OK, I apologize, that should have come with a content warning.

Yes, everything about Stormy’s testimony gave big creepy uncle answering the door in an open bathrobe energy. Yes, if what Daniels said was true, it was beyond creepy for Trump to tell a porn star he was about to have sex with, that she “reminded him of his daughter.” In fact, it would be almost as cringy as the multiple times Trump was on camera saying that his daughter Ivanka was so attractive that he would date her if he wasn’t her father, or the time he gave shock-jock Howard Stern permission to refer to Ivanka as “a piece of ass” before they discussed extensively whether Ivanka had gotten breast implants or if she has naturally “always been very voluptuous,” as Trump described. No, none of that testimony would be surprising, it’s a description of alleged behavior by the p***y-grabber-in-chief.

Stormy Daniels during an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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And again, I come back to that question. What if ex-president Barack Obama—the guy who was pressured by racists, including Trump, to show two forms of his birth certificate to combat lies that he was ineligible to be president—had spoken the same way about either of his daughters? What if Obama—who couldn’t wear a tan suit without it becoming a full-blown scandal—had told a porn star that sleeping with her would be fine because he and his wife, Michelle, “don’t even sleep in the same room?” What if there was a recording of Obama bragging about grabbing random women by the genitals with or without their consent? 

Trump and the GOP have the “victim mentality” white people are always accusing Black people of having when we speak on racism in America.

Here’s what definitely wouldn’t have happened: Republicans across the political sphere wouldn’t be fuming over the injustice of Obama being put on trial by a rogue government, or excusing his courtroom behavior, which, as the New York Times noted, has gotten Trump held in contempt of court 11 times, fined $10,000 twice and threatened with jail time.

In fact, this leads me to another thought: Trump and the GOP have the “victim mentality” white people are always accusing Black people of having when we speak on racism in America.

After all, Trump is out here joining millions of white conservatives in complaining about what they perceive as an “anti-white feeling” in a country that is overwhelmingly run by and populated by white people. He has played the “race card” against every Black legal official who has brought a case against him without bothering to offer an explanation of what any of them have said or done that was racist. Trump doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and, instead, claims he’s being persecuted by the Man, and when he is accused of crimes, he perpetually claims he didn’t do anythingor as white racists have put it when talking about Black peopledindu nuffin’.

Trump might as well start posting on social media, “Orange men don’t cheat,” despite the fact that he is rumored and/or has been proven to have cheated on every single woman he has ever married.

All I’m saying is that Trump appears to actually be the ghetto N-word the hard R that white people in the MAGA world think Black men are.

Anyway, as for Trump’s current trial, his attorneys asked Judge Juan M. Merchan to declare a mistrial because Daniels’ testimony was designed to embarrass the defendant and prejudice the jury, according to the Times. But while Merchan agreed that testimony might have “been better left unsaid,” (because—ew) he denied the request. Daniels is due back in court to testify again on Thursday.

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