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Shannon Sharpe’s comments about Shaquille during the Nightcap became a viral moment when Shaq decided to attack back with a diss track.

So what had happened was...

Shaquille O’Neal said that Oklahoma City guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander “deserved” to win the title over Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic, who’s now won three times.   Shannon Sharpe then said that Shaq on his Nightcap podcast, was “jealous.”

“Shaq should have five MVP’s,”  “He sees a guy like Nikola Jokic that’s not as dominant as him and gets three in four years. When you historically great, they talk about you as a great basketball player, the GOAT, and Shaq is never brought up. I think a part of him is envious of that… It’s hard for me to put someone in the GOAT conversation with one MVP. If Shaq would have had my work ethic, he would have had 40,000 points.”

Shaq’s responded to the podcast comments by releasing a diss track.

“Oh, no Shannon Sharpe you’re way beneath me/ Your whole demeanor is faker than new rapper beef be/ You’re soft, before you get fly you’d rather tweet me/ I was in three different cars when you was in 3 […],”

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