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On the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe is ‘Good Burger’ actor/comedian/musician/pastor Kel Mitchell and while sitting on that very comfortable looking couch, he opened up about his ex-wife, allegedly, cheating on him with multiple men and allegedly got pregnant by multiple men  and had abortions while married to him.  

Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife is now responding to the which she is saying that are the lies he tells.

Kel’s ex, Tyisha Hampton, took to TikTok with a testimony of her saying his claims are “ridiculous lies” and said he refuses to “be accountable” for his own actions and more importantly she never cheated and DNA backs her up.

“Dude, are you okay? This is the story that I guess he’s been telling people, and I’m sure the story has morphed into five different men. I don’t even know. You’re trying to get people not to like me or think I’m some wh*re and that will somehow change the reality of what happened. That’s just now it works at all.”

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