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There is nothing like a Childs love for their mother.  A little girl has gone viral for going in on NYPD when her mother was accused of stealing.

Cameras started rolling for the mother’s protection, however the little girl said she wanted them to stop being recorded because they didn’t give their permission.  The little girl was furious at New York police for accusing her mother of stealing.

“Leave my mother alone before it be a mother f-ing problem,”

You could hear the police officers radio given a description of the person who allegedly stole a pair of Moncler glasses, which clearly wasn’t the little girls mother however the little girl said she had an idea who did steal the glasses.

“My aunt stole glasses, it wasn’t her. Do she have a f**king white t-shirt on? NO! NO,” “On my soul, leave my mother alone. On my dead father, she don’t have nothing.”

Officers tried to calm the little girl down to no avail.

“My mother get arrested, I swear to God bruh, imma punch somebody in the face,” “Y’all got me messed up on my soul,”

The glasses weren’t found on the mother however she was taken away in handcuffs.

The 2 part video of the ordeal has gone viral.

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