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Why Women Date Men They Don’t Like


Women have biological clocks. Much like dogs are trained to sit and stay, we are taught to want to get married and have babies. We yearn to be just like Cinderella and meet our very own Prince Charming. Sometimes though, women get so eager to find love, that they date a man they aren’t even interested in. It sounds a little pathetic, but I can admit that I’ve gone on dates with a few guys that I have no intention of seriously dating. I mean, who hasn’t? But perhaps it’s time to change our ways. Here are a few reasons women keep going out with that completely uninteresting or douchebag guy. 


Whether they admit it or not, most girls are insecure. Even if they appear overly confident and sure of themselves, deep down they have something that they constantly worry about. Insecure women date less attractive men so they feel better about themselves. They aren’t interested in these men, per se, but they still keep them around as a confidence booster. Dating a guy you aren’t into is like having a fat, ugly friend. When you are with that friend, everyone notices you because they aren’t focused on her.

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All girls love attention. Who doesn’t!? Everyone wants to feel loved and have someone chase them. Obviously you don’t want someone stalking you, but if you date a guy who’s obsessed with you and showers you with TLC, you’ll feel special – even if you’re not interested in a  long-term romance. He sends you flowers at work and writes you cute emails. What better way to feel loved than to constantly have someone fawning all over you?


Single girls fear that they won’t find their dream man, so they date the safe guy. I can admit that I’ve dated the “safe guy” once or twice. He’s the guy who won’t hurt you and makes you feel comfortable. He’s overly complimentary and takes away that lurking fear that you’ll never find someone to love you. You have no feelings for him, but he keeps you busy at night.