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7 Types Of Men To Avoid


User Post: 4 Ways Women Defy Man Law And 7 Types Of Men To Avoid


  • by J Montana, on Wed May 12, 2010 11:20am PDT

Men do not want to change. If more women could realize this fact, it would help prevent undue heartaches in the future. Maintaining a lasting deeply connected relationship requires compromise, communication, trust, respect, honesty, understanding, maturity, willingness, and affection. If you are encountering relationship dilemmas, check yourself and your partner, instead of forfeiting your standards.

However, if modifying your behavior pattern is unwarranted, it may be time to move on. If you are naturally an amorous person and it goes against your nature to commit the four Cs, you may need to re-examine your love life. Let your companion know, “Love isn’t all you need.”

If your man has fallen behind the power curve, avoiding four behavior patterns can help you close the gap in your relationship.

The Four Cs

  • Controlling
  • Convincing
  • Complaining
  • Clinging

Learn to recognize and the four Cs through self-evaluation of your behavior. Men believe that when women commit the four Cs, they are in defiance of Man Law . These behaviors damage your relationship. It is no secret men issue negative points when women commit crimes against man law.

Men rate their relationships by the old-fashioned scale called Attraction. The female translation for committing crimes against man law is loss of attraction. For example, a partner who complains non-stop, breaks down the levels of attraction the man has for the woman.

Men expect women to uphold one autocratic rule under man law, which I will dub M.L.69 69 – No Man Shall Be Whipped Relationship Investing and Securities Act. This is his concept of an attraction savings account. This means that when a guy feels great about you, he makes a deposit into this account. When he is annoyed, by something you do, he withdraws from it. When a man withdraws more than he deposits, the relationship is in trouble.

Each time the woman complains or behaves overly controlling, the man makes a mental withdrawal from her attraction savings account. You recognize the relationship is over when he detects you are overdrawn. Learning how the art of attraction works for a man is a vital to regain intimacy. Keep steady deposits in your attraction savings account. This will spark natural desires in him to want to be the man of your dreams.

Men keep vastly different time lines than women do when it comes to defining relationships. If you are tired of struggling in a ‘dating only’ type of relationship, communicate your needs prudently once. Most men avoid two topics of conversation; one is marriage, the other is the “where is our relationship headed” talk. The two-year mark in a relationship is a proper time for you and him to have the talk.

If he refuses to have the talk, has changed his mind or he says he is not ready to take your relationship to the next level, tell him you agree with him and move on. Let him know that you will not be exclusive to him from this moment on. Pack your suitcase and tell him, “I want you to know that I appreciate you and I do love you. I want and deserve a man who knows what he wants. If that’s not you tell me so I can move on.”

If you have tried to make things work and all else has failed, affirm your self-worth while walking away. Alternatively, learn to avoid the following seven types of men who refuse to give equally to your relationship instead. You are responsible for your own happiness. Once you take on the responsibility to make yourself happy, your love life will blossom.

  7 Types Of Men To Avoid

The man who refuses to accept women are Solar Powered

Most women disfavor frigid weather. As summertime approaches, it is common knowledge that it is time to wear lighter clothing. Nevertheless, when he sees you trek to the pool in shorts and a bikini top in 110-degree temperatures heed the foreboding when he complains. He does not grasp the trend; people wear skimpier attire to the mall than the swimsuits many women sport to the pool.

Amidst the heat, we want to feel desirable although we are primarily going for comfort. There is no reason for a woman to wear a three-piece business suit in the middle of July unless they are attending a funeral. If he cannot keep his jealousy in check, get out while you can. If other men stare at your gorgeous figure he should hug you and be thankful you are his. Heed the warning if he cannot control his insecurities.

The man who mistakes Enigma for Romance

How many men have met a patient woman? Men who display extremely high levels of enigma are not romantic. Men should sustain moderate levels of enigma. He must give you a reason to stay interested. He should treat you like a princess when you end the evening. (Gentlemen, she will reward you for those rose petals that you placed in the seat of the car on your date.) The overly mysterious man is not romantic. He is a stalker.

Do not try to change him or complain. End the relationship. He does not want to be the man who a woman thinks she can change. Attaining a healthy level of enigma does not necessarily mean he needs to be a bad boy. The female attraction to the bad boy does not mean women want an escapee featured on America’s Most Wanted. However, the prudent hard-working man with a maverick nature exudes sex appeal.

The man who denounces the ‘No guts, no glory’ attitude

At times, women can feel frustrated, confused, and unloved when her partner is not in tune her needs. If the man portrays a “make her work for it” attitude, this might leave the woman thinking, “He is just not that into me.” This shows a lack of interest on his part. Do not let his laziness be the reason you stay single.

If he is the type of man who wants you to chase him, he should at least give a reason to engage in pursuit. Furthermore, once you catch him he should romance you and make you the center of his world. Finally, as a reward let him know you may just want to chase him again.

The man who refuses to let her know he wants her

Women want a lover, partner and a best friend. Even in the most profound of love stories, the woman does not want a father figure or a son as her beloved. Men often overlook the importance to tell a woman he is interested in her. All too often, men think women graduated from Mind Control 101. If a man is incapable of expressing his feelings, do not confirm his existence by becoming a stepping-stone or a doormat. Often times, the woman will leave if she thinks the man never really wanted her. It is important to know where you stand.

Women are just as clueless as men in certain situations are. However fictitious, no one is even certain that Superwoman could read minds, much less the average woman. Thus, trying to tackle the situation, women tend to fall into the habit of an unrequited and unbalanced push and pull. Moreover, when a man mistakes true affection for a neurological phenomenon based attraction, it is time to re-evaluate your life’s goals.

Keeping false hopes that one day your man will change can lead to irreconcilable differences. Demanding change is not love. Therefore, often after a refusal to overcome his shortcomings couples decide to end their relationship defining the rest of their lives. If he is the type of man who tries to find logical loopholes, get out before it is too late. Run if he refuses to accept the all-encompassing feelings of love.

The man who refuses to define your relationship

Making this mistake could leave him dateless and utterly alone. More often than not, men fail to realize, dating a woman is not going steady. Dating means that you want to get to know him better. This usually means that he is not your only prospect. If you want a commitment and he refuses to have the talk, set him on fire. Do not issue an ultimatum. Ultimatums rarely work.

Explain to him that you want a commitment. Define the type of commitment that you want and leave it at that. Walk away on further refusal. While not every woman is interested in marriage as her destination a commitment of some type usually is. If marriage is in your life’s plan, the two-year mark is the time to close the cookie jar.

The man who believes the myth, that arrogance is a turn off

This does not mean go out and date a narcissistic egomaniac. I am talking about seduction. Women want a gentleman on their arm. However, the man should be confident. He should have you yearning to want him more. Nice guys who are clueless about seduction feel they are destined to play video games alone in the basement.

Men have this mortal fear that arrogance will scare her away. Women can smell insecurity a mile away. In matters of the heart, arrogance can often equal certainty and boldness in a man. Many women crave men who master the art of erotic seduction. A fair percentage of women want their man to sweep them off their feet. Give me a strong arrogant man who has the confidence to fulfill my deepest desires and I will show him Heaven.

The man who relies on comedy to win her over

He has made a reputation by acting like a comedian. You were in awe of his mad skills in the beginning. However, women still want to be adored. He needs to refrain from telling jokes about how cranky and incoherent you were when you had the flu. Raw natured comments made in public can hurt.

He should make you the center of his world, not the center of his jokes. Listen to your friends when they tell him, “Oh, Mike, is such a funny guy!” This is not necessarily a compliment. Tell him when it is OK to crack jokes and when it is just not cool. Better yet, run!

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