Technology has made our lives easier but it’s also made us lazy and a bit reckless when it comes to dating. In the age of instant access, we’ve lost our minds and our cool. We’ve compiled five tech dating don’ts sure to turn off your potential boo.

Don’t Tweet and Tell

Broadcasting the details of your night out isn’t only tasteless but your date is sure to pull up your timeline to read what you really thought of him or her. And don’t even think of sending a DM to your date. It’s way too easy for a message intended for one, to be accidentally broadcast to many. And “many” can include others you’re dating.

Too Short

Some abbreviations are necessary when sending a text or BBM but why shorten something that’s already short? If your word doesn’t have a single vowel in it (like “k” for ok), then don’t bother typing it. And substituting “dat” for “that” is just blasphemous to the English language and sure to come off as ignorant to some.

Follow Me

If your date was on a Thursday and by Friday morning you’re following them on Twitter and Tumblr, subscribing to their YouTube channel and friending them on Facebook, you’ve gone too far. It’s too soon my friend. There’s nothing wrong with being interested in someone but when you’re tracking them across every possible network, that screams serious stalker tendencies.


Text messages were intended for quick exchanges of information. Example:

-“We still on for dinner?”


If a text is so long and involved that it continues back and forth for 30 minutes, that means a phone call is in order. And not everyone has unlimited texting, so you could be costing someone 10 cents per rambling message.

Just Once

You send a message via Gchat and they don’t answer. Soon that pesky orange idle indicator vexes you, so you send a BBM. Still no response. Then a text. If someone doesn’t respond via the first mode of communication, let it go. The likelihood of them actually getting back to you decreases with each new message sent.


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