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After more than two years of speculation, Cleveland Cavaliers guard/forward LeBron James is finally ready for free agency. This moment couldn’t have come soon enough, so we put together a cheat sheet for NBA general managers because if you really need LeBron, you better have more than just a max contract.

With LBJ set to hit the market on July 1, NBA analysts, sports bloggers, talking heads and even fellow athletes, coaches and celebrities have spent the better part of the last month discussing where King James will park his throne next season. LeBron’s decision seems pretty easy to us. He’ll sign with a new team… that offers the biggest perks. Money, cars, clothes, it’s all an (NBA) player knows! Here’s our list of the 30 NBA teams and the goods they have to give up if they really want James’ chalk clap on their court.*

Atlanta Hawks: T.I.’s crown, a “LeBron James VIP Section” at Magic City and at least two dates with the star of VH1’s What Chilli Wants.

Boston Celtics: A lifetime supply of Red Sox season tickets on top of the Green Monster, a controlling stake in The Source Magazine and a house built from Samuel Adams Winter Lager.
Charlotte Bobcats: Owner Michael Jordan’s sixth NBA championship ring.
Chicago Bulls: Barack Obama’s cell phone number, a statue outside of the United Center and 14 Kanye West-produced tracks for the soundtrack to LeBron’s film debut, “Fantasy Basketball Camp.”
What do the Knicks, Miami Heat and the Cavaliers have to give up besides money? CLICK HERE for more!