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A woman once told me that I was selfish for waiting to have kids. I explained to her that I did want children but not until I lived my life and was more financially sound and could raise my kids without worries about money.  I also explained that any man that I fathered my child with should have the same attitude. So, in essence, I want to take the time to say to everyone who wants to wait to have kids that you are not selfish, rather you are selfless. You see the important role that parenthood is and you take it seriously. Here are a few reasons to wait until you are fully prepared to have children.

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1. Wisdom

With time, and age comes maturity. You have different life experiences that help to mold you to be a better person. This wisdom that your receive during life, you then pass on to your children. Again, wisdom comes with time. If you are a very young parent then you might be limited on your scope of life and experiences. Therefore, how can you pass wisdom on?

2. Finances

Raising a child requires money. A lot of it. There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling of not being able to properly care for your child or constantly having to ask for help. Struggling to buy pampers, clothes, food. These are all basics that all children will need. Having a child when you are financially sound is the best advice I could give anyone.

3. Living Your Life

Live your life first. This way, you will have no regrets or should never feel as if you are somehow missing out on something due to having a child. This is a feeling that many people experience when having a child at a young age. Yes, they love their children but many of them later wish they would have lived their life more before taking on the responsibility of caring for another human being. It is a heavy one. Plus, there are certain experiences in life that are best done before children enter your life. Any other way would be hurtful to the child.

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4. Mental Preparation

Although there is no real way to mentally prepare for a child, there is such a thing as being mature enough to handle the responsibility. This is something that many people do not consider when they have a child. They do not consider the fact that your mentality must shift from being “me, me, me” to “child, child, child.” Suddenly, their needs are not as important. Unfortunately, not everyone can adapt to this, which is why some parents end up putting their children on the back burner.

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