As much as you may want him sexually. He may not be what you need. Feel free to add on your advice in the comment section. Check this out ladies.

1. He has a ton of baby mamas

This is sign to me that not only does he dislike using condoms, he also does not believe in marrying anyone that he impregnates. So, its cool to make a baby with a chick but not to commit to her? Nah homie. Guys like this will impregnate you by simply looking at you or breathing on your too hard. Run!

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2. Shows signs that he is a player

Signs like his phone is always ringing, he is always texting someone, sometimes you cannot reach him for days at a time, then he reappears with some lame excuse as to why he could not be reached. Like he was on the moon with his little brother or some crap. If you are interested in having something serious then he is not the man for you. I would suggest that you do not spread your legs to him either because you are one of many. Trust me. Unless, you are okay with that. Some women are.

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3. He is a habitual liar

You constantly catch him in lies. This man obviously does not want you to get to know the real him…. Ever. There probably is a reason why he is so disguised. He could have two kids and a wife tucked away somewhere. You might be extremely attracted to him and you may only want sex from him and nothing more. Resist the urge. If it is good, it will never be just one time and you in turn will be opening the door for drama in your life that you do not need…. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt