CLEVELAND — A woman who says she was Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend is accusing the basketball star of harassment in a new lawsuit.

She’s a model from Orlando who says she had a five year relationship with Shaq until she thought he got her pregnant in September. That’s when she says Shaq denied it and she cut off the relationship and he allegedly started to harass her.

Vanessa Lopez, 30, says she fears for her life and is constantly looking over her shoulder. Lopez claims the relationship began shortly after Shaq was traded from L.A. to Miami. He was married to Va’Shaundya O’Neal at the time, but Lopez said Shaq told her it was an open marriage. She says when she told Shaq about the possible pregnancy, he said there was no way the baby could be his and told her it was over.

Lopez wouldn’t discuss police reports connecting her to Cavs star Delonte West and Orlando Magic star J.J. Redick. Those reports detail nasty break-ups and allegations by Lopez that she was mistreated or harassed. Va’Shaundya O’Neal, the mother of four of Shaq’s kids, filed for separation in November, claiming Shaq had multiple mistresses during their marriage.

So far, we’ve yet to hear from Shaq on the matter.

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