Eddie Griffin

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the host of the Laugh Track column, a man who is grabbing a beer and deploying the emergency escape chute . . . Mike McIntyre.

Thank you, Cleveland. That JetBlue flight attendant who cussed out a passenger on the intercom before his dramatic exit from the plane — and his job — is getting all kinds of credit for being so bold. I’d be more impressed if he’d done it while the plane was still flying.

Fast Eddie: Eddie Griffin, who starred in “Undercover Brother” and is writing the sequel, might want to consider going undercover in Cleveland if he speaks his mind about LeBron James.

Griffin never holds back, and he sure didn’t when we asked him about LeBron:

“You all ain’t gotten over this? It’s a free damn country. They act like he a slave and they warned him ‘now don’t go on the Underground Railroad’,” the comedian said. “They call it free agency for a reason. The first word in it is free. Let the boy go. That’s his choice. This is America.”

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s curse of LeBron leaves Griffin with one question: “What kind of drug is that dude smoking?”

Fans should thank LeBron for boosting the economy in his time here and then “move on, get over it. The sun came out the next day. Its only basketball. You act like it’s the Iraq war.”

Which, of course, got him started on the Iraq war. But you’ll have to attend the show to hear the rest.

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