*It’s no secret that the $3 million deal Shaquille O’Neal signed to play for the Boston Celtics is not a lot of money for a pro player. But of course he’s not in his prime so that means he can’t command the big bucks from the team.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t be making the large dollars. No sir. Not a all.

The Boston Herald says that Boston area businesses are already lining up to pitch endorsement deals.

“The minute I heard about him coming, I thought about the idea,” says the owner of the serendipitously named Summer Shack restaurants. “It’s a great fit and a great idea.”

O’Neal’s national deal with Comcast already has him all over the local airwaves, and his No. 36 jersey went on sale on the Celtics’ website within a day of his signing.

“Shaq is a marketing giant,” says a sports economist. “He will benefit from the Hub’s strong media presence, where there’s money to be made on local endorsements.”