B*tch, Trick, Hoe: That’s Not My Name!


B*tch, Trick, Hoe: Why should any man be using these words towards any woman? What makes a man think he can call anyone out of her name. No woman should be called anything derogatory. More importantly, why are women still in verbally abusive relationships? I see many women taking verbal abuse and it makes me wonder, if they are also experiencing physical abuse. The question is why do they stay when they are being disrespected? Having a man is not worth your self esteem or dignity being taken away from you. I know you may be wondering “why is he addressing the men?” Let me answer by simply stating that if a man abuses a woman in any way, he has low self esteem and control issues. They are trying to manipulate someone’s mind whom they feel is inferior to them. They try to manipulate them by calling them outside their name. I’ve heard that some men won’t let their women out of the house because of their own insecurities. One thing that I don’t understand is why do the same men that call their significant others out of their names get upset when someone call their sister or even worse their mother the same thing? It’s so hypocritical.

So I ask: Why are do women stay in verbally abusive relationship? Source

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