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For details about the “Celebretard Takes On Washington” episode that erupted on Twitter today, check below.

FIRST, some mood music:

The basic storyline is that Scott Baio, aka Charles In Charge, aka Washed-Up-Sitcom-Star-With-A-Sex-Addiction-And-Reality-Show-On-Resume, posted an unflattering image of the First Lady on his Twitter with a caption that read, “WOW He wakes up to this every morning.” Of course, the mass of activist Twitterers took to the streets with their torches & pitchforks to condemn Baio for his blatant racism.

Activist Twitterers are stupid. Doesn’t the name just give it away? Despite that, Baio’s stupidity probably trumps them all. His response to the outpouring of First Lady support and Baio-condemnation was THIS.

Quote of the Day: “Do I look like I’m racist? This is Renee’s BEST frd. STOP USING THE RACE CARD!!!” – Scott Baio, referring to his wife Renee’s “BEST frd.”

Dear Scott,

No, you are not a racist for posting a heinous pic of the First Lady’s mug. You’re also not a racist for making the pointless and unfunny remark you made beneath it. I understand what’s at work: you’re boring and uninteresting and so you make extremely pedestrian jokes about people to try to act like you’re snarky and hip and relevant. I get it. Can’t hate on you for that.

But the WORST defense in the face of an accusation of racism is to say “I have Black friends! I’m not a racist.” And you took it a step further: that broad ain’t even YOUR friend! She’s your WIFE’s friend!

I have to make an appropriate reference to the unfailing wisdom of Ed Lover: C’mon SON!

Stick to “taking good care of meeeeee, like you’re one of the familyyyyyyy.”





Scott Baio probably hasn’t had this many people gunning for him since Bugsy Malone. The actor posted a picture of Michelle Obama looking a bit crazed on Twitter yesterday with the comment, “WOW He wakes up to this every morning!” He was soon hit by an avalanche of angry responses, including some from fellow Republicans, E! Online reports.

The former sitcom star—whose number of followers quickly exploded to nearly 5,000—posted screenshots of death threats he had received and warned that the FBI had been contacted. “I am NOT making fun of any1,” Baio tweeted, posting a picture of a black woman he said was his wife’s best friend to counter accusations that he was being racist.

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