About Mo Quick

Mo Quick made a name for herself in her native city of Atlanta, Ga. hosting the #1 Morning Show in the city for 3 years. She began her career in Media at age 17. She was heavily influenced by her late Uncle Nate Quick; who was also a Media Personality. Using her Uncles advice, she began her career humbly as an intern to many popular stations and personalities in Atlanta; such as, Sasha the Diva, Lil Bankhead, Dj Bill Black, and many other greats. Mo Quick was blessed with her first paid position working for Radio One in Cleveland, Ohio, and later returned to her home in Atlanta, Ga. to further her career. As a student of the game who came up with the help of others, Mo Quick takes every chance she gets to mentor and teach aspiring Media Personalities. Every few months Mo Quick has a "Quick Media" event. Quick Media is a networking and learning series panel where professionals in the industry share their knowledge and network with the aspiring. In addition to continuously releasing trendy and topical content; Mo Quick understands the importance of the serving the community, and often volunteers her time to organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Hashtag Lunch Bag, The Period Movement, and countless others. The next step for Mo Quick is landing her own Television Talk Show on a major network

1. Low self-confidence is limiting… 2. Self-confidence is empowering…. 3. Low self-esteem is stressful… 4. Self-esteem is self-expression… 5. Low self-esteem is self-destructive… 6. Self-esteem is self-respect… 7. Low self-confidence is unattractive… 8. Self-confidence is attractive… 9. Low self-esteem involves fear… Read More… Source: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/yourtango-experts/15-ways-your-self-esteem-can-make-or-break-your-relationship-expert How is your self confidence? Comment Below!

1.  Seriously, you both really need to be ready to commit. 2. You also need to be willing to commit. 3. You have to actually like the opposite sex—and that’s not as simple as it sounds. 4. Be open to relationship coaching and counseling.  Read More… Source: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/roy-biancalana/3-most-important-and-overlooked-qualities-partner Aren’t these some great qualities? Comment Below!

Do they move way too fast or come on way too strong? Are they Prince Charming, saying just the things that you want to hear? Does they tell you early on that they have never met anyone like you — that they have never felt as connected with anyone as they do with you? Chances are they’re […]

Apparently, there is only a tiny window for a woman to marry that’s considered the “right time.” This is because younger women in their 20s feel pressured by parents and friends to focus on education and career first. The idea is to establish yourself in the world BEFORE being “distracted” by love….. The answer—when she finds the […]

1. You think: “The timing just isn’t right.” The real reason: If someone offers you a few slices of pizza, you might not be so inclined. If “the timing is bad,” it’s because he thinks you’re pizza. 2. You think: “He’s working a lot and doesn’t have time for me.” The real reason:  He’s prioritizing a […]

1. M is for Masculinity A man wants a woman who just “gets” him. 2. A is for Acceptance Now when it comes to “getting” your man, there is one thing you must not do if you want a man to see a future with you…. 3. G is for Grateful A man has two […]

The study authors determined that men who have short index fingers and long index fingers are usually kinder to women, and that might be because of hormones (especially testosterone) they came into contact with in their mothers’ wombs. The smaller the ratio of index finger divided by ring finger, the higher level of male hormones […]

1. That he’s done with sex for the night. Did you just have sex? Is it lying there, draped between his legs, passed out from exhaustion? …. 2. That he had a bad day at work. Is it not working as advertised? Maybe it won’t get hard or ejaculate. It might have had a bad day […]

1. You’re afraid you’re getting too old. You’re afraid if you leave, you’ll feel desperate to find someone else quickly because … 2. You’re afraid of being lonely. This one is one of the most common reasons for staying in a relationship that’s just not working… 3. You’re stuck in the fairytale. It started out as […]