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Tax season is an exciting time for those expecting returns and slightly less exciting for those who are required to pay the IRS. There are tons of rules and deductions floating around, and DL breaks down some of the craziest. One of them is babysitting, if you babysit while the parent is out doing charity […]

A new study shows that Black babies are more likely to end up in low quality NICU’s than any other race. The quality of care these babies receive is directly related to the number of deaths and diagnosed complications like asthma. D.L says if you have fallen victim to a trauma, like if you’ve been […]

This week Oleebo reviews Little, staring Regina Hall, Issa Rae and Marsai Martin. The film is about a woman who is magically turned into her 13-year-old self and is full of twists and turns. Oleebo calls the script “fun” because everyone is hilarious and so believable. The only issue with the movie was that there […]

A lot has changed over the years, and one of those things is dating. The way we dated back in the 80s, and 90s, is now considered “old school.” But, what the “new school,” doesn’t know is that the “old school,” dating moves were great! Listen to the audio above and see if you remember […]

According to a new report, A.I may be able to predict when a patient battling a chronic illness may die. It’ll take into account your medical history, family history, salt intake and so much more to predict when your life will end. Is this something you’d be interested in knowing? Don’t Miss Out! Follow The […]

Sometimes the things D.L says can offend people. So, to allow folks to voice their frustrations he decided to create an FU D.L. Hughley segment. One listener really would like to know what D.L. has against church and religion. They feel that he talks badly about church and priests and even blames church for making […]

Could it be possible that your date double booked you?! If he intent on going to a specific place or doesn’t want you to post on social media…he may be hiding something. Or if he only takes you out during happy hour it could be because he has dinner plans with someone else. Listen to […]

The D.L. Hughley Show crew has come up with a new game called ” four the hard way” where they ask guests four questions. Today they have come up with four “really hard questions” to ask George Wallace. They don’t hold anything back and nothing is off limits! Wallace finds this out as soon as […]

When you meet someone and you want them to become your “boo” there are some things you should never do! Please don’t stalk his social media, that’s creepy. The same goes for texting, don’t text too quickly, give them room to breathe. Please please please don’t bring up sex too soon. Listen to the other […]

Several cities and states across the country are taking action against cash free stores. While they are more efficient and less likely to get robbed, some feel they are discriminatory. The argument is that poor people or people without access to banks are not able to shop at these types of stores. New Jersey and […]

Oleebo saw a movie all about The Queen Of Soul! The film is called Amazing Grace and he loved it! It’s about a Sunday service at a baptist church in the 70’s and Aretha Franklin makes a very long cameo! He thinks everyone should see this movie because it made him feel all warm and fuzzy […]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave several motivational speeches while he was alive. To celebrate his life on what was the 51st anniversary of his assassination, the D.L Hughley Show Crew shared their top 10 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes. They’re in no particular order. To hear them listen to the audio above. Don’t Miss […]