By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price This week’s topic: A Love For God When I first got saved, I used to have a problem trying to relate to the Father and Jesus in an attitude of love. It was difficult because I had never seen Jesus or the Father, and the only way I knew to […]

Daily Devotional The Covenant of Love By Dr. Brenda K. Goudeaux This week’s topic: A Love For God I know with all my heart that it is God’s desire to touch through us and to love through us. God has delivered us out of bondage and sin. Before we are able to walk in the […]

Well deserved honor for the legendary actress, Cicely Tyson. She is a class A actress and inspiration to all. We love you Cicely. For your pleasure, presenting Cicely Tyson.

Daily Devotional Lost And Found In His Love By Sharon Frame This week’s topic: God’s Love I got lost in Nazareth three months ago. Yes, that Nazareth; the childhood home of Jesus. Why? I failed to follow simple instructions. It reminded me of when Adam and Eve disobeyed one clear command and got us lost […]

Daily Devotional Living By Faith By Dr. Charles F. Stanley This week’s topic: Eliminating Doubt Read Matthew 21:18-22 In Mark 9:17-26, we read about a father whose son was possessed by a demon. The man came to Jesus, asking Him to heal the boy, if it was possible. The Lord lovingly shared that He could […]

Daily Devotional God’s Unfailing Love By Dr. Creflo A. Dollar This week’s topic: A Love For God Have you ever witnessed a young child’s behavior after he is scolded by his mother? Even after being chastened, he or she will still run to his or her mom and cling to her legs. How is it […]

Why do more people drink alcohol than people who meditate? Why do more people eat fast food than get exercise? Smoking is a leading cause of death in the U.S., as are poor diet and alcohol use, so why do we love everything that is bad for us and keep away from things that do […]

The latest news and music on your favorite gospel group Mary Mary Exclusive Video: Mary Mary-”Don’t be anybody else, be You” Video: BET Celebration Of Gospel, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Whitney Houston Awards Winning Gospel Artist Announce Joint Tour Brand New Music From Mary Mary-”Something Bigger” Video: Mary Mary Introduces “Walking”, With In Studio Preview […]

Pressing On With Precision And Purpose By Pastor Marvin Moss This week’s topic: Walking By Faith Brought To You By Hebrews 12:1-2 is a word for those of us who find ourselves in a struggle day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. God would have us to know that […]

Fasting is a discipline that is often overlooked and misunderstood among present-day Christ Followers. Along with prayer and giving, fasting is foundational to a fruitful, dynamic life. If you are one of those folks who crawled out of 2010 on your hands and knees, begging God for a fresh anointing, new opportunities, and a more […]

How To Avoid An Empty Life Brought To You by By Dr. Charles F. Stanley This week’s topic: Renewing Your Mind In public, most people appear happy and confident. But beneath the surface, many feel empty. In fact, it is possible to be in a large crowd and yet feel alone. A lot of […]

God Can Use You By Dr. Jack Graham This week’s topic: Walking By Faith It absolutely thrills me when I think that the God of heaven can actually use me! It blows my mind that I can be an instrument to accomplish His will…just like the land on which abundant rain falls. Faithful Christians are […]