Michael Baisden

NEWTOWN, CT (RNN) – Investigators are searching smashed computers for clues to a motive behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. According to CNN, investigators are look at emails gunman Adam Lanza might have sent and websites he might have visited. Officials said one or more computers were seized from the home where Lanza lived. […]

At least 27 people, 18 of them children, were shot and killed Friday at a Connecticut elementary school, according to reports. As the tragic story continues to develop, the heroism of teachers on the scene is already recognized. “They will be applauded for their efforts,” an ABC newscaster said during the station’s live video report […]

CNN has identified the alleged gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. as Ryan Lanza. According to CNN, Lanza, 24, is suspected of killing 26 people — including 18 children — at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. A neighbor of Ryan Lanza’s parents in Sandy Hook told The Huffington Post that […]

President Barack Obama became emotional as he delivered remarks on the Newtown elementary school shooting Friday. “I offered Governor Malloy my condolences on behalf of the nation, and made it clear he will have every resource he needs to investigate,” Obama said, noting the country has had “too many of these tragedies in the last […]

In the 1990s, child actress Maia Campbell was on top of the world, starring with L.L. Cool J on the hit sitcom “In the House.” After the show was canceled, however, she developed a crystal meth addiction and soon hit rock bottom. Eventually, videos surfaced on the Internet showing Maia disheveled and strung out. On […]

Women who attempted get abortions but were denied are three times as likely to fall into poverty than those whose efforts were not blocked, a recent study conducted by researchers at University of California San Francisco found. UCSF’s Bixby Center on Global Reproductive Health examined 3,000 interviews conducted with over 1,000 women from across the […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has rejected an idea put forward by House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans to close unspecified tax loopholes in order to pay for extending all tax cuts as part of a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. Obama’s simple explanation: I won. “But when it comes to the […]

Former GOP vice-presidential nominee and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is blaming President Barack Obama’s win on his turnout in cities. In one of a series of first interviews following the loss by Ryan and Mitt Romney last Tuesday, Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “Well, he got turnout. The president should get credit for achieving record-breaking […]

Mitt Romney could have easily won the presidential election if he and his party had realized that they were turning people off, according to Matt Taibbi. “If they were self-aware at all, Mitt Romney would probably be president right now,” Taibbi wrote in a blog post for Rolling Stone late Thursday. He argued that Republicans’ […]

Officials from Miami-Dade County say they have finished counting absentee ballots and will begin counting the county’s 2,800 provisional ballots on Thursday afternoon. Election officials worked overnight to finish counting the outstanding ballots – votes that are largely to blame for holding up the process of declaring a presidential winner in Florida. Penelope Townsley, supervisor […]

It’s been a grueling campaign. You just want to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and find out who will be president for the next four years. So when will we know? Technically speaking — who the heck can say? With a race that went into Election Day neck and neck, and plenty of […]

COLUMBUS – Nearly 1.8 million Ohioans cast their ballots before Election Day thanks to early voting, which is a new state record, said elections officials. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted released the final round of absentee voting data for Ohio based upon an informal survey of the state’s 88 boards of elections. Also, Husted […]