Reality Hour

What would you do if your mom was Made before she got saved and you were dating someone of the opposite race? Thats exactly what this young lady wanted to know.  She is trying to save the drama for somebody else’s momma. Dear Sam I have been dating an awesome guy for about almost a […]

Today on the Sam Sylk Show, I think everyone will agree that this sista has way too much going.  But thank God that Sam Sylk and the crew had resolve for what seems like an unresolvable situation. So run and grab your wine it’s Sam Sylk’s Reality Hour”REWIND” time. Dear Sam I have been dating […]

Did you miss Reality Hour today on The Sam Sylk Show? Well it’s time for you to grab a glass of wine and join us for the “Reality Hour Rewind” Today’s Reality Hour Question was: Dear Sam My parents had me and my brother when they were teenagers. We are 21 and 22 now. My […]

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