Dallas judge Tonya Parker says she won’t conduct any marriage ceremonies until she and every other gay person in Texas have the same right to marry.

So much for getting to know someone first. Results of the same Match.com survey that found more single Americans are interested in love over marriage, also showed singles are quick to jump into bed on the first night.

Michael Jordan’s name still holds weight….so much, that a Chinese sports company had been illegally using his name, jersey, and even famed number 23 to make a profit for years!

The story of late rap pioneer Heavy D will be chronicled in a documentary airing Sunday on Centric TV.

Former Washington Football Team quarterback Jason Campbell and fiancée Yenicia “ Jenny” Montes called off Saturday’s ceremony just hours before the couple was scheduled to tie the knot!

“Sparkle” wasn’t the only movie project Whitney Houston had lined up before her passing. The sequel to the 1995 classic “Waiting to Exhale” was also slated to be in the works, and Fox’s president says the movie will still go on without her.

We’ve had a couple reminders lately that Chris Brown is the absolute worst, like the stuff he tweeted after the Grammys and the rumor about his sexy new pick up line, and now we have another reason to cast a side eye at Team Breezy.

People cut back or eliminate spending on something to create extra money for gas, and they find ways to drive less -- using mass transit, combining errands, or just skipping certain outings.

Cleveland-bred rapper Kid Cudi and funk veteran George Clinton are on the bill for a free concert April 12 at The Q, as part of the crescendo of hoopla leading up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony April 14 at Public Auditorium.

Bobby may be re-visiting the idea of writing a tell-all about her.

*First her sex tape with the singer leaked, and now he’s cashing in on their former relationship with a tell-all book — hinting that she cheated on her first husband, Damon Thomas, with him, reports the Huffington Post. In “Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray,” the 31-year-old […]