WHO YOU CALLING A (FAT) BITCH? It seems Star Jones Reynolds is out to help no one, that is, if you look at her recent run-in with comedian Erica Watson. Watson, invited the former TV personality to check out her one-woman show about plus-size women, ‘Fat Bitch,’ but Jones Reynolds let her know she has […]

Folks have their panties twisted in a bunch in Newark, NJ. 

You know you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel when you decide to expose a celebrity’s intestinal issues in order to sell your book.

Guess her reality show really paid off!! Kim K recently purchased a 4.8 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. 

Whitney was spotted flying out of Sydney International Airport yesterday looking pretty rough. Whit looks like she needs some strong coffee!!

Ciara and Mariah were spotted paryting at Haze nightclub in Vegas. Ciara’s abs are out of control!!

By now you all have heard about Trina’s leaked nude pics…well today I’m hearing that the rapper may have leaked them herself.

Here’s the new Mary J. Blige video for “Each Tear”, recorded with Italian Latin pop singer Tiziano Ferro. The song is the next scheduled single from her No. 1 album “Stronger With Each Tear”


  The 60-year-old veteran of the Chicago’s lively theater scene won accolades here for his slapstick take on “Pride and Prejudice” in 2008. He is directing another Jane Austen adaptation at the Play House, “Emma,” which is in previews and opens Wednesday. Both Austen projects have brought some of the Windy City’s leading stage performers […]

  Cavs annouce that  Shaq will undergo surgery

A Decatur man claims he found rapper Trina’s cell phone with nude pics and is now holding it for ransom. According to Trina’s tweets, her cell phone was stolen at an award show.

  New Jersey’s very own diva of all divas, Whitney Houston, and Arista Records/Legacy Recordings are set to release the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Whitney Houston,” the fabulous 1985 debut album that catapulted a young, stunning, lanky, chanteuse (born in Newark and moved to East Orange at the …