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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and plenty of folks across Cleveland are already gathering their ingredients and making their plans. Are you one of them?

Or would you rather just find a quick, no-frills meal at a local restaurant?! Then spend your Sunday with a full belly and football in a quiet house!?

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family gathering holidays of the year. While some will be cooking for hours (even days!) for the annual event, far more people will just show up with nothing more than an aching belly and a bottle of cheap wine.

But, what if you wanted to do something different?

Perhaps you don’t want to cook this time around. Or maybe you just moved and the new house isn’t set up for all that company! Or perhaps you simply don’t have the funds to make the grand holiday meal like you’re used to doing in years past.

Don’t worry! We got you! There are several places around town that will be open for the holiday. Keep scrolling to see a few places you could enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant!

This list was put together using restaurants on Open Table, [click here] for details and reservation requests!

1. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant – Orange Village

2. The Capital Grille – Lyndhurst

3. Morton’s The Steakhouse – Cleveland

4. Texas de Brazil – Woodmere

5. Jade- New Asian + Sushi Bar- East Bank

6. Pickwick & Frolic

7. Table 45

8. Bistro on the Falls

9. Texas de Brazil – Westlake