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The borough of Queens, New York, in addition to an entire community of hip-hop fans across the globe, can all rest a little easier tonight after it was just confirmed that two men on trial for the 2002 murder of rap icon Jam Master Jay have officially been convicted of the crime by a Brooklyn federal jury.



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For those still brushing up on their hip-hop history, the official DJ for Run-D.M.C was sadly gunned down on the night of October 30, 2002, in his own Hollis-based studio no less. While the shooting remained unsolved for decades, two names have always been connected to the case as either persons of interest in a drug-deal-gone-wrong or downright witness-appointed suspects: Ronald Washington (childhood friend) and Karl Jordan Jr. (godson).

More on how they finally were brought to trial and convicted below, via AP News:


“‘It’s no mystery why it took years to indict and arrest the defendants,’ Breon Peace, the top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, told reporters after the verdict. ‘The witnesses in the recording studio knew the killers, and they were terrified that they would be retaliated against if they cooperated with law enforcement and identified the ruthless executioners of Mr. Mizell. But their strength and resolve in testifying at this trial were a triumph of right over wrong and courage over fear.’

Jordan, 40, was the famous DJ’s godson. Washington, 59, was an old friend who was bunking at the home of the DJ’s sister. Both men were arrested in 2020 and pleaded not guilty.

‘Y’all just killed two innocent people,’ Washington yelled at the jury following the guilty verdict.

Jordan’s supporters also erupted at the verdict, cursing the jury. ‘I love y’all,’ Jordan said to the group who sat in the courtroom pews before they were escorted out by U.S. Marshalls after more yelling.”


As you might expect from the ruckus made in the courtroom, lawyers for both men are already preparing for an acquittal. “We’re optimistic,” defendant lawyer Susan Kellman said to reporters, also adding, “My client [Washington] did not do this. And the jury heard testimony about the person who did.” As the testimony put it, things initially erupted over JMJ’s alleged plan to sell 10 kilos of cocaine through both Jordan and Washington, in addition to a third party distributor in Baltimore. However, the B-More connect reportedly had a falling out with Washington, leading to the latter alongside Jordan developing “vengeance, greed and jealousy” for the now-late Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.

Michael Hueston, one of Jordan’s lawyers, attested to there being “reasonable doubt” in place due to a third suspect named Jay Bryant who’s on trial separately. Bryant was arrested last year after his DNA was found on a hat at the scene, with an even further claim that he was the one who let Washington and Jordan in the studio that night through a back fire door in order to avoid buzzing up the front. However, there’s been doubt as to whether Bryant knew Jam Master Jay at all, with Assistant U.S. Attorney Artie McConnell stating that Bryant is, “involved, but he’s not the killer.”

We hope this puts an end to a 22-year-old unsolved hip-hop murder case, and we especially pray the family and loved ones of Jam Master Jay can have a sense of peace now. See what many are saying about the long-awaited conviction of JMJ’s killers below:


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1. It shouldn’t take 22 years to get justice.

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2. Salute To Jam Master Jay Forever. #PoPDuKe

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3. Wasn’t prepared to learn Jam Master Jay had allegedly acquired 22 pounds of cocaine, he had planned to distribute in Maryland at the time he was killed. Nope. Nothing could have prepared me for this. Nothing!

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4. Both men on trial for killing Jam Master Jay were found guilty of all charges.

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5. Rest In Heaven 🕊Jam Master Jay . May your family have Peace ❤

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6. I’m happy that his family is getting closure finally but can we talk about how Jam Master Jay was moving more weight than all these lying ass rappers?

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7. Rest easy, Jam Master Jay. Never thought this day would come. Wishing his family, friends, and fellow fans healing.

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8. The recent conviction of Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. for the murder of Jam Master Jay marks a notable milestone in the long-standing case. Their involvement in narcotics trafficking and firearm-related murder adds complexity to the tragic event that occurred in 2002.


9. If it wasn’t for Jam Master Jay we wouldn’t have 50 Cent

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10. About Got. Damn.Time.

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