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When on vacation, many of us tend to adapt to the good old saying that goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” With that being said, those who understand the longstanding Caribbean tradition known as Carnival know that it involves lots of dancing, lots of body contact and little to no clothing while it’s all going down.

Given those facts, it would be perfectly understandable for GRAMMY-winning emcee Chance The Rapper to let loose while visiting Jamaica earlier this week for the 2023 Carnival festivities wrapping up in Kingston today. However, his “dirty dancing” with a local woman that’s not his wife ended up opening up the floor for many on social media to criticize his actions being that he’s seemingly a happily married man.

Take a look for yourselves at Chance getting caught in 4K below:


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There’s a lot that can be unpacked from the viral nine-second clip. Aside from his female companion’s severe lack of clothing — she’s literally hanging on by a string! — the look they gave at the 0:08-second mark gives the impression that both parties were feeling a little red in the face once the camera was spotted. Those viewing from across the world on social media were quick to question the location of Kirsten Corley, his wife of four years and mother to his two daughters. Some inquired whether or not he was still wearing his ring, hinting at trouble in paradise, while others speculated that Kirsten herself could’ve been the one holding the camera.

“For all we know, his wife could’ve just been off to the side minding her business because it is Carnival,” said Charlamagne Tha God in defense of Chance during the latest episode of The Breakfast Club, further adding, “Have you never been to a strip club with your significant other?” Of course, when asked how he’d feel if his wife was rump-shaking with an award-winning rapper, the radio personality was quick to say, “that’s a totally different discussion.” Yeah…we bet!


Sound off: is Chance The Rapper in the wrong for innocently clapping cheeks at Jamaica Carnival 2023? Is it even possible to innocently clap cheeks? Let us know your thoughts after seeing what a few others had to say on the subject below:


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1. Amaricans refusing to understand cultures outside of America will never not be funny to me because how tf are they saying Chance The Rapper is cheating on his wife at a Carnival

via @Sw33tSanade

2. Chance the Rapper coming home to his wife

via @FrostedBlakes34

3. It was at this moment, he knew


4. Chance the rapper rn

via @reuspeed16

5. re: chance the rapper you can’t love your wife and also catch ass at carnival? the straights make marriage sound unbearably stale.

via @bodabaddie

6. Chancellor where is yo wifeeee💀

via @xcited_20

7. ChanceTheRapper Pon the girl batty

via @DatTallUteWes

8. Chance the rapper did right


9. For the life of me I don’t know why Caribbean ppl entertaining American commentary about Chance the Rapper at Jamaica carnival.

via @lukeyism

10. the video with chance the rapper? lol SMH at what point would any of you be okay with your husband slapping another woman’s ass like that? or your wife getting her ass slapped like that by another man? please bffrrrr

via @ticooliee