Sh*t Black People Say: Words & Phrases We’ve Remixed  was originally published on

1. Cookout


What is typically known as a BBQ or grilling out has been renamed by many a Black folk as a cookout. As in, “Girllll, you going to Ray Ray’s cookout on Saturday, I’m bringing ice and you know I’m making a to-go plate.”

2. Doobie


Black women love going to the salon to get their hair laid, but when you get a nice wash & set and the hairstylist sends you on your way with your hair wrapped–that’s called a doobie. Thanks for letting the world know, Rihanna.

3. Bourgeois (but we pronounce Boo-gzee)

Bourgeois (but we pronounce Boo-gzee)

While the word is French and refers to the middle class, Black people have taken it to mean stuck up, rich and pretty much phony. It’s become more of a lifestyle. Ask Jennifer Williams of “Basketball Wives” fame, who’s never even seen a food stamp.

4. Make Groceries

Make Groceries

This phrase has roots in the south, specifically New Orleans. This is simply called buying and/or getting groceries. You can’t MAKE groceries! LOL!