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So...Diddy Like Draya's Twerking But Not Lizzo's? Interesting...

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One would think that a terrifying pandemic that’s forced millions to stay locked down in their homes and has killed more than 22,000 people here in the U.S. would be the perfect time to do some much-needed introspection and confront your own biases. Sadly, that’s not where we are.

Enter Sean “Diddy” Combs, who in between sending his thoughts and prayers and raising money, but not opening up his own pocketbook to help those impacted by COVID-19, continues to keep telling on himself. See despite the world burning down around him, during a recent Instagram chat with Lizzo, it was clear that his fatphobia (and possible colorism) game was stronger than ever.

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On Sunday, the Bad Boy music mogul started his Dance-A Thon of calling his celebrity homies to shoot the breeze, sharing a virtual cocktail, seeing those cheeks clap. He had a little facetime with J-Lo and her fiance A-Rod, Drake and his tootsie roll, and then a mini #ClubQuarantine with the 2-time Grammy winner, who is KNOWN for her twerking skills.

It all started fine until Lizzo starting feeling the music and began dropping it like it was hot. That’s when Diddy pulled a BBQ Becky and cut it short because the song she was playing, Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta’s “1 2 3,” wasn’t “family-friendly” and not “Easter” appropriate.




Kids in the house.

It is your house and your rules and the song if you listen to it closely does mention oral sex…so


And yet…when the music mogul brought on Draya Michelle, somehow that energy wasn’t quite the same, despite her backing it up, to Juvenille’s timeless classic “BACK THAT ASS UP!” of all things, interesting how he encouraged all that jiggle.

Take a look:


So what is it Diddy? Was it is? Is this a family-friendly Easter event or not? Or does the woman’s body (slim) and your perceived beauty (light skin) determine what’s acceptable for your kids to see or not?



Clearly, something appears off to me, and a lot of folks let him know it, which prompted him to explain himself, blaming the words to the song Lizzo was playing as the reason why he had to cut it short, not her twerking, cause she’s “one of the best twerkers in the world.”




Fine, the song was explicit, but maybe if Lizzo wasn’t dragged constantly and disrespected for breathing while fat, I might see Diddy’s point…but nah. Lizzo’s fatness and darkness make a lot of y’all show your entire a** on social media and expose you for the fatphobic hypocrites that you are. But this is just getting tired.

Can we just call a spade, a spade and admit that fat people make some of you feel a way?

Can we also admit that despite swearing up and down that we’re not fatphobic, doesn’t make it true? Fatphobia can be subconscious and reveal itself in ways like what happened with Diddy or when an obese student is consistently being reprimanded at school by their teacher or when a doctor doesn’t treat an overweight patient with respect and dignity. There are real consequences to this denial, y’all.

Better yet, it’s been time to admit that you’re not just mad at Lizzo for having the audacity to be her size, but that you’re also SUPER-PRESSED because she refuses to apologize for it, never talks about losing weight or puts herself down. Matter of fact, we REALLY have a problem with Lizzo because she does her damndest to drown out all that hate to love herself and refuses to let anyone strip her of her sexiness or dim her shine.

Sis, is going to twerk, rock a string bikini and show her ass on the ‘Gram and TikTok, whether you like or not…so you can stay mad.



So here’s the deal. It isn’t that Lizzo that needs to change, it’s us. Whether we want to admit or not, we are all fatphobic, some worse than others, but we are all guilty of this crime. So let’s take this indefinite quarantine to finally admit that we have a problem and try to unlearn this harmful bias to make this world a better place for folks like Lizzo who are just trying to live their best life in their best skin.

That, and Diddy, go apologize to that beautiful Black woman, ’cause you owe that to her, plus those same kids you were trying to protect so hard last night are watching.

Here’s what Black Twitter had to say:

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