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Sorry, But All Black People Don’t Look-Alike!  was originally published on

1. Rita Ora & Nicki Minaj

Rita Ora & Nicki Minaj

Rita Ora has been mistaken for Nicki Minaj before (in photo captions), but it’s doubtful that Nicki has been mistaken for Rita. Oh, and hey, Rita Ora ain’t even Black! Go figure! (Photo: AP)

2. Plies & Kirk Franklin

Plies & Kirk Franklin

Both Plies and Kirk Franklin are in the music business so they have that in common but they don’t look alike.

3. Khalil & Maino

Khalil & Maino

Khalil Khan is an actor known for his role in the movie “Juice” as Raheem Porter. Maino is a hip-hop recording artist, best known for his debut platinum single “Hi Hater.” Although in the entertainment industry these two don’t look that much alike but society has its ways of mixing these things up.

4. Judy Reyes & Debbie Allen

Judy Reyes & Debbie Allen

Alright so there both actresses, have the same complexion but they are not the same!

5. Eva Marcille & Terrence Howard

Eva Marcille & Terrence Howard

Now there’s the simple and large fact that these two are of the opposite sex!