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As with every season of television, we see shows come — shoutout to HBO’s House Of The Dragon and the Bel-Air reboot on Peacock! — while also seeing shows come to an end. The latter can be a bit more painful for a diehard TV aficionado, especially if a specific character garners fan-favorite status. Many of the series finales we’ve seen so far, and a few shows still wrapping up final episodes well into the 2022 holiday season, feature more than a handful of sidekicks and co-leads who we could easily see as the star of their own series.

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The power in Audra McDonald’s performance from the latest and last season of The Good Fight in the short featured clip alone (seen above) is proof enough that she could be the lead of a new legal series with a powerful Black female as the lead — still-grieving fans of How To Get Away With Murder need something! We explore that option and a handful of others that could make for great additions to the 2023 TV season and beyond. Other standouts on our list include the dark humor that Zazie Beetz delivers on FX’s Atlanta, the literal king status of Khary Payton on sci-fi favorite The Walking Dead and rising Young Black Hollywood sensation Marsai Martin continuing the story of beloved black-ish standout Diane Johnson outside of foreseeable cameos on the Shahidi-starring spinoff, grown-ish.

Although it’s always great to welcome in new shows that feature new characters we’ll inevitably fall in love with, it doesn’t hurt to hold on to hope for a few of our fictional faves…right?

Take a look below at our full list of standout characters from shows ending in 2022 that we think would make great stars of their own series. Let us know if you agree as well, and as always feel free to sound off with your own suggestions on the few we may have missed:

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1. Zazie Beetz as Van, ‘Atlanta’

The baguette episode alone from Season 3 had us sold.

2. Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox/Batwing, ‘Batwoman’

Who else will they get to save Gotham now in the DC Extended Universe?

3. Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson, ‘black-ish’

Her dry-yet-relatable humor is definitely needed on television!

4. Karrueche Tran as Virginia “China Doll” Loc, ‘Claws’

The most ratchet of the Claws crew would make for good entertainment with an extended 15 minutes of fame. 

5. Michael Michele as Dominique Deveraux, ‘Dynasty’

Carry on the legacy of the bourgeoisie Black diva, please?

6. Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata, ‘The Expanse’

The sci-fi genre can always use a little more color, if you know what we mean.

7. Audra McDonald as Liz Lawrence, ‘The Good Fight’

As stated above, the power in her performance has been undeniable since the debut of Liz on franchise starter The Good Wife.

8. Khary Payton as King Ezekiel, ‘The Walking Dead’

A chronicle on how he became leader of the Kingdom could easily hold us over for at least three seasons.