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Back in May, Fofty AKA 50 Cent tapped the pockets of Jackie Long over a $250,000 loan that the Games People Play actor reportedly settled. Apparently, Fofty says more money is owed and used his favored vehicle of Instagram to put the press on Long.

In a photo caption featuring Long and Angel Brinks, making note that Brinks has a new series coming on WE TV.

“@jackielong Bum ass done hit the jackpot.@angelbrinks getting that TV money on wetv tomorrow at 10pm now I feel like they owe me, have it by Monday,” read the caption.

Because pettiness is Fif’s way, he screenshotted Long’s response to the post and doesn’t seem like he’s about to let up on getting whatever money he feels he’s owed anytime soon.

“[E]verybody calling Jackie again, saying just give him the money fool. The sh*t only gonna get worst,” read the caption for the followup post.

It certainly did go from bad to worst after Fif posted an image of himself in front of Brinks’ store threatening to steal dresses off the rack to settle the debt.

“I’m in front of ya girl spot right now you lucky its closed. I was gonna take dresses out this motherf*cker for my lady friends,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption.

The legend of Fofty lives on once again and the reaction on Twitter has been growing slowly. However, some think this is just another elaborate troll job from the G-Unit mogul.

Check out the posts and some of the responses online below.

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