CLEVELAND – As you head to the malls to do your holiday shopping, be careful. There’s a lot of damage to be done, and not just to your wallet. Consumer Reports tells us about the dangerous temptations lurking in the food court. Take a Cinnabon Classic. It’s loaded with 880 calories-that’s roughly half of […]

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) – The State Auditor is back taking a whack at School Districts and how they keep track of their kids.  This comes on the heels of Ohio Auditor Dave Yost’s scathing report earlier this month attacking the way the Cleveland Metropolitan School District keeps it’s attendance records. In the first half of his […]

CLEVELAND – For parents of children in under-performing schools in Ohio, it may seem like there are no options short of moving, but there are. Programs are in place to help parents whose children attend schools that consistently rank in the academic watch or academic emergency categories. EdChoice, for example, is a state program that […]