Atlanta child murders

In Atlanta in the years of 1979 to 1981, 29 black men and children where killed and or missing in a serial killing situation that terrified a nation. Although Wayne Williams had been convicted for murder, he was never tried or convicted of most of the crimes, leaving many Atlanta families without closure, some children […]

Emmy-winning “American Crime” co-star Regina King has re-teamed with series creator John Ridley – (yes, that John Ridley, the one who doesn’t feel black women had or have a voice in the civil rights movement or the modern day black struggle, for that matter) – on a new project titled, “No Place Safe.” For a […]

Atlanta Child Murders: DNA Implicates Wayne Williams In Killing Case By Paul Shepard on Jun 10th 2010 11:38AM Filed under: News, Politics, Race and Civil Rights Comments (0) Print Email    More   One of the great questions troubling civil rights observers over the years has been whether the justice system got it right in convicting unassuming […]