An Ohio family is shocked after a woman broke into their home, did some light cleaning and left them a bill for $75. The woman, named Sue Warren, took out the trash, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned the playroom and washed some mugs that were left out all while homeowner Sherry Bush was away and her […]

Three Amish men accused of cutting off the beards and hair of Amish men and women, went before a Jefferson County Court Judge Tuesday. Levi Miller, 53; Johnny Mullet, 38; and Lester Mullet, 26, all waived extradition to Holmes County. They are charged with kidnapping and aggravated burglary. Miller, Mullet and Mullet -are all part of […]

The “Church Lady Bandit” has quickly become one of the most notorious bank robbers ever to hit Central Ohio. It was after a robbery at theFifth Third Bank downtown, that investigators say suspect Sylvete Gilbert was found in a nearby building after a dye pack exploded.