CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Big beards are not going anywhere in 2018 — that’s according to our local Cleveland beard experts and barbers JT Da Barber and Youssa Ben. In fact, Google Trends show that in the past five years the search for beards has seen a steady climb. According to one study, 33 percent of American […]

(RNN) – Some men need to clean up their act when it comes to their beard. A TV station in New Mexico swabbed the beards of a small audience of local men. A microbiologist tested the swabs and found bacteria like enterecs, which live in the intestines and can be found in feces. “There would […]

8 Things Women Love (And Hate) About Facial Hair    By Chiara Atik for Sure, some women are more into beards than others, but whether we like our men clean-shaven or scruffy, there are some traits women find universally appealing — and annoying — about facial hair. Related: 15 Perks To Being Single and […]