Daylight Savings Time is often refered to as “Summer Time.”   It’s almost time to turn your clocks back. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Nov. 6– this Saturday– which means most Americans – expect for those in Arizona, Hawaii and a few territories – will be “falling back” — turning their clocks one hour […]

  TAMPA, Fla. – Cooling temperatures across Northeast Ohio are a sure reminder that the Fall has arrived. And with the Fall comes the time to “fall back.” Daylight Saving Time is quickly coming to an end for 2013, bringing with it shorter days. Since 2007, Daylight Saving Time, or DST for short, begins on […]

CLEVELAND – This is the weekend we lose an hour, but gain it in sunshine during the evenings. Before you head off to bed Saturday night (March 9), don’t forget to “spring” your clocks ahead one hour. If you don’t, you’ll be late wherever you need to go on Sunday. But losing an hour of […]