Vogue Italia’s recent “slave earrings” fashion feature has made heads turn. The same magazine that debuted it’s all-black model issue three years ago has just taken several steps way back. Oh, tell me fashion bible, what exactly is a slave earring? Are there ships and sickles involved? No? Then how can, as you’ve written, a […]

Fashion magazine Vogue has sparked a worldwide race row after it ran a trend story on what it labelled ‘slave earrings’. The article, which has been roundly criticised for being ‘overtly racist’, appeared on the Vogue Italia website and recalled the style of earrings worn by ‘women of colour’ who were brought to the southern […]

“I like to wear earrings, but don’t prefer to change them often. What styles can I wear for days that are cute and work well with multiple outfits?” asked a reader that wrote into Glamour. Is this your issue, too? If so, here are 10 sexy, and simple pairs of studs that go with everything! […]