*The suspension of KFI’s John and Ken show has sent shockwaves through Los Angeles and thanks to the Internet, the nation. Black people everywhere, who have never even heard of John and Ken, much less listened to their show, are in an uproar and have something to say about the two white men in L.A. who called singer Whitney Houston a “crack ho” on the radio. There are even talks in Los Angeles about having a Day of Protest against the show and the station for the offensive comments. At the center of the controversy are the duos on-air comments about Houston’s behavior prior to her death where they said: “It’s like, ‘Ah Jesus . . . here comes the crack ho again, what’s she gonna do.”

CLEVELAND – The plaintiff in a lawsuit claiming bias based on sexual orientation has collected a six-figure settlement paid out of taxpayer funds. Shari Hutchinson no longer works for the Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency. She left her employment and received the payout to settle her 2008 claim that she was passed over for promotion because […]