*It’s amusing to think that the most entertaining film of the summer (“Sharknado“) had a climax that featured Ian Ziering – late of the immortal program 90210 – leaping into the jaw-filled mouth of an airborne shark while brandishing a chainsaw, and then carving himself out from the inside. That, of course, was about […]

CLEVELAND – Construction crews at the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium are busy installing the shark tank and the acrylic walls that will allow visitors to walk through the 500,000 gallon tank surrounded by 15 sharks. Marinescape, based in New Zealand, is beginning the third and final phase of construction that will end in the Jan. […]

What Does Your Date’s Drink Say About Him? by Cupid’s Pulse, on Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:08pm PDT Photo: Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images By Deana Meccariello for Cupid’s PulseWhether you’re out at a bar for the night or on a date, a man’s drink can tell you a great deal about him. Whether he orders an […]