Amanda Clayton, the Michigan woman who inspired mass derision and a fraud conviction for continuing to take public assistance after winning $1 million on a state lottery-run game show, has died.  She was found dead Saturday, and a drug overdose is suspected. No further details on her death were available.   Earlier this year Clayton […]

Amanda Clayton of Lincoln Park, Michigan still gets $200 a month in food stamps and despite paying cash for a new home and car said, ‘I’m still struggling.’ The 24-year-old added that she’s entitled to the welfare handout because she has two homes to run. When confronted about continuing to claim welfare Clayton said she […]

A man who won a $2 million dollar lottery jackpot is still collecting food stamps and he could care less what anybody thinks about it. Leroy Fick of Bay County, Michigan won the “Make Me Rich” lottery last June. After taxes he took home about $850,000. The state wants him off food stamps, but the […]