hooking up

Niecy Nash isn’t allowing Sherri Shepherd‘s messy divorce from Lamar Sally to make her feel like a bad friend. Had it not been for Niecy, Sherri and Lamar would never have met. In retrospect, that might cause some people to feel bad about causing someone else immense pain in a roundabout way. Niecy is not […]

What Ex-Boyfriends Have to Do With Your Personality   By Danielle Kwateng, Glamour magazine If opposites don’t attract, what does your current guy or even worse your ex say about your personality? Related: 12 Secret Signs He’s Into You See, I have this theory: I believe who you date, used to date—or even just hooked […]

Hooking Up: 5 Rules for Booty Calls By John Ortved, Glamour magazine Yesterday I wrote about a friend of mine who responded to a booty call from a guy she really likes (jury is out on whether he feels the same way…though his behavior certainly indicates that he doesn’t). The post got me thinking that […]