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The fallout from Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct — long rumored, explicitly laid out yesterday in a New York Times report, and confirmed by C.K. today — has been swift and sharp. His working relationship with Netflix and HBO are at an end and, now, so is his deal with FX, the home of Louie and several other shows that C.K. helped develop and produce. Here’s the statement from FX […]

While promoting his upcoming I Love You, Daddy, star, writer, and director Louis C.K. was asked about the allegations of sexual misconduct that have followed him for years. “I’m not going to answer that stuff, because they’re rumors,” he told the New York Times. “They’re rumors, that’s all it is.” Others would disagree. Five women came forward to New York Times reporters […]

Rihanna might be one of the most desired females on the planet, and it would definitely make any man excited to get some attention from…