Sweet nothings. He talks about how she’s his dream girl, he’s never met anyone like her, how he wants to take her out on special dates, etc., but he backs it up with absolutely no actions. He says the most adorable things, falls off the map for just long enough to worry her but not […]

Pro: Your friends are jealous Con: His friends are freaked out Pro: It encourages you to keep in shape Con: It pressures you to be in shape (your body isn’t capable at, say, 40 of what it was at, say, 20) Pro: He’ll want to have a lot of sex Con: He doesn’t totally know […]

Maybe in these cases.. You actually had a crush on his best friend first. Whether you met your guy’s best friend first or he was so hot he kind of blinded you to your boyfriend’s charms in the beginning, he probably doesn’t need to know. This is especially true if your stomach still swoops a […]