The group “occupying” the land has since made claims that the community supports their efforts, despite disagreements from community leaders.   BURNS, Ore. — Hundreds of locals from Harney County, Oregon, packed a fairgrounds building on a freezing Wednesday evening to urge armed militants occupying a federal building to go home. But even though the […]

While the hashtags provide some sense of comedic relief, they reveal a larger and more menacing American problem of absolving the bad behavior of White men.   Frustrated with the lack of response by both media and the government to address a group of armed White men with anti-government views currently occupying a federal building […]

The group notes they are not a terrorist group, but would not go into specifics other than wanting to keep their land.  The two men who are in prison have distanced themselves from the group.   BURNS, Ore.– Two days after taking over a federal building, armed protesters in Oregon are refusing to budge until […]