New House

Okuuur Cardi B and Offset have been going back and forth over who’s “I Like it Like That” like that vision of their dream house would win after 2 years of looking to find both artists vision at one address, so on the day that is full of miracles, blessings, hope, love, joy etc.etc. Cardi […]

It’s official, we reported this was going down this summer, Barack and Michelle Obama are living their best life, ain’t going back forth with you Trump lovers. This is how we do it ♫ when you retire from running the free world, and you free yourself from all the drama and stress that goes along […]

Wendy Williams should start having her New Years parties now because I know she can’t wait to get out of 2019. Wendy William’s husband, Kevin Hunter, not only cheated on her, but produced a baby outside the marriage which caused a result of Wendy filling for divorce and going to rehab. Now to add insult […]