Rupert Murdoch

The turmoil at Fox News hasn’t ended after the ousting of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes amid fallout over sexual harassment allegations. Sean Hannity recently sounded the alarm over what he worries will be the end of Fox News (as people know it), and Hannity won’t be thrilled to hear the latest update. New York […]

There is growing pressure to make the Fox News host’s “Easter vacation” permanent.   Fox News host Bill O’Reilly announced a two week “vacation” amid a new sexual harassment claim and mass advertiser boycott, but many hope that it’s the beginning of the end for the pugnacious pundit. O’Reilly spokesperson Mark Fabiani told CNN Money […]

Rupert Murdoch on Thursday tweeted a half-hearted apology in an apparent attempt to save face after swift social media backlash over comments he made about President Barack Obama not being a “real Black president.” The White conservative media mogul who owns the Fox News Channel was trying to rally support around Republican presidential candidate Ben […]