Joann Finley was an employee of the school she was at, but not the school’s union.   CHICAGO — A South Side teacher is out of job after cursing at a student. The incident was recorded on cell phone video. The teacher, Joann Finley, says it’s not the first time that a student has harassed her […]

BEDFORD – The Bedford City School District is mourning the sudden loss of a beloved intermediate school principal. Superintendent Dr. Andrea Celico confirms to WKYC Channel 3 News she learned of Paul G. Ward’s death Monday night. It’s unclear how the 46-year-old died but during his time with the district he made a huge impact […]

She will take a year off before beginning school in 2017. Ending months of speculation, the White House announced Sunday that Malia Obama will attend Harvard University. But the 17-year-old will not head directly to the university in Cambridge, Massachusetts after graduating from Sidwell Friends this spring, she “will take a gap year before beginning […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Cleveland police are investigating after a gun was found at John Adams High School. Police were called to 3817 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, for a 15-year-old who had a gun in his book bag. School officials say responding to a tip, CMSD police found the weapon and then called CPD. The gun […]

CLEVELAND, Ohio – One shot was fired from outside through the back door entrance of East Technical School, according to police. The school is located at East 59th Street and Scovill Avenue, police reported. Scovill Avenue is blocked off. Cleveland police said they are looking for three people involved in the shooting. The suspects are […]

Police arrested a Beaumont, Texas high school math teacher for assaulting her student. The arrest came shortly after a video went viral that shows her slapping the male student five times.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – A group of Anchorage first graders hatched a plan to poison and kill one of their charter school classmates, according to the school’s principal. The three students, who have since been suspended, planned to use silica gel as the main ingredient, thinking it was toxic, according to KTUU. Despite the “do not […]

We love to see celebs giving back.   Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs AKA The King of Harlem is giving back to his neighborhood in a major way. Combs announced the Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School will open this fall, THR reports. The school will be headed by Capital Prep leader Steve Perry, who is the founder of Capital […]

The video, which shows the unidentified officer slapping the teenager twice -- loud enough to hear the impact -- before kicking he or she as they walk down the stairs, has prompted the suspension of both officers involved in the incident.

Exposed pipes, mushrooms, and dead rats were discovered across Detroit’s disenfranchised public schools.   Michigan’s water crisis in Flint has also opened up concern for the state’s school issues inDetroit, U.S. Uncut reports. Since the state’s takeover of the public school system seven years ago, debts are now $515 million and rising across the city’s […]

554 kids and young adults under the age of 23 have died from guns in the three years since the horrific crime.   Since the Sandy Hook massacre, gun violence in America has only gotten worse. In fact, 554 kids or young adults under the age of 23 have died from gunshots in the three […]

Ruben earned a degree in voice studies   Ruben Studdard can add Master of Arts Degree to his list of credentials. The American Idol star announced on his Instagram profile that he graduated from Alabama A&M University. The Flying Without Wings singer fittingly majored in voice studies. Looks like he is a stellar singer and student. Congrats, Ruben!   RELATED […]