Thank GOD for a good woman and a cell phone after police surrounded a young man with their weapons drawn. A woman by the name of Sky, who’s boyfriend was killed by police observed William Ewell, 24, being apprehended for an alleged robbery-assault that took place. Ms. Sky took it upon herself to make sure […]

CLEVELAND, Ohio –Many stargazers, night owls and space observers saw the eclipse of the supermoon Sunday night. A big moon was encapsulated in a total lunar eclipse. The lunar combination happened for the first time in 30 years. While some had a hard time seeing it due to cloud cover, others got an amazing view and sent in some wonderful […]

GOOCHLAND, Va. — Six years after his untimely death, did Michael Jackson make an appearance in the skies over Central Virginia? The combination of clouds and light created an image that appeared — to some — to look like the King of Pop. The image was captured over Goochland County, Virginia during a June 23 […]