A worrying bug that impacts people with iPhones has been found. It allows a user to listen into another person’s phone even if they don’t pick up. All a person has to do to listen in is make a FaceTime call, and while the phone is ringing, swipe up to add another person. From there, you add yourself […]

  The man wrote a warning to the boyfriend on a piece of toliet paper.  No word on whether the couple are still together or if the whole situation is made up.   A Detroit Lions fan reportedly spotted a woman cheating on her boyfriend on Thanksgiving and decided to reveal this to the guy. […]

  News that the U.S. has been spying on foreign leaders has dominated headlines this week. Could it really be that President Obama didn’t know about the surveillance? With hit shows like “Scandal” addressing such a scenario (B-613, anybody?), is pop culture imitating the U.S. government? Today on “NewsOne Now,” Roland Martin spoke with Professor […]