Well, this was awkward.  CNN’s Don Lemon took to the streets of Charleston, S.C. in the wake of the devastating terrorist attack on the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church when he was called an “Uncle Tom” by an impassioned Black woman in the area. “Are you angry Tom?” she questioned. Don held his composure […]

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    According to TMZ, Former NFL superstar Hugh Douglas was just FIRED from ESPN upon reports he called his co-host an “Uncle Tom.” Douglas, the former…

2 Live Crew veteran Luther Campbell has come out swinging against Spike Lee, taking issue with the director’s harsh critique of Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.” Lee, who has publicly taken issue with Tarantino’s repeated use of the n-word in “Django’s” script, is on the receiving end of some pretty harsh epithets in Campbell’s new op-ed […]